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Puzzly, quality wooden jigsaw puzzles
Puzzly, quality wooden jigsaw puzzles
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Puzzly, quality wooden jigsaw puzzles
Hedgehog whimsical puzzle piece

We use sustainable materials

A Puzzly is the ultimate sustainable product! 

We love our planet and every puzzly we make we want to ensure that we only use sustainable materials, and we aim to generate as little waste as possible.

The wood for each Puzzly is sourced from FSC certified forests to ensure that we are minimising our impact on nature.   The cardboard for the Puzzly boxes is 100% recycled card and we make the boxes in-house to reduce carbon miles.

The cotton bags are non-bleached, again to minimise our impact on the planet and the printing inks we use for the puzzles and packing are water based.

We use no plastic in our packaging, and we try and use recycled cardboard to ship our products around the world.

As a Puzzly is a quality crafted wooden puzzle, it becomes the ultimate sustainable product as it is meant be handed down from generation to generation!

Although we would like to be waste free, we do produce waste.  However, we recycle or repurpose this waste wherever possible.  Two examples are: 

  • The creation of Christmas tree decorations from our wood off-cuts using surplus paper and wonderful William Morris patterns.
  • We support a local micro business by supplying discarded whimsical pieces that are repurposed into greeting cards.

Lastly, when a Puzzly does not pass our strict quality control we donate it to our local hospice or our hospital charity.  For the 2022 Christmas season we donated over 200 puzzles to the Royal Surrey Charity.  They will be distributing them into the Children’s ward as well as reselling them to generate even more funds for the hospital!   

Creating a Puzzly adveture in our workshop

Repurposing puzzly waste into Christmas decorations
Donating Puzzly quality rejected puzzles to charity

Explore the world of Puzzly further:

Unique Whimsical Pieces

Toucan whimsical wooden puzzle piece
Each puzzly whimsical piece is hand drawn and matched to the image's theme.

Some of our more intricate whimsical pieces have multiple pieces that fit together to form a larger whimsical. We like to refer to these as a puzzly within a puzzly! 
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Fine Laser Cut Quality 

Jazz Dances whimsical wooden puzzle piece

Once our designer has created the puzzle the template code is translated into the program code needed to run our precision laser cutter.

Each puzzly is then cut out by the laser cutter to ensure a consistent quality.
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Perfect Heirloom Puzzles

Art nouveau whimsical puzzle piece
Each puzzly has been created with the ultimate sustainable objective in mind - a product that will be handed on to future generations.

Our quality designs, the use of sustainable materials with cutting edge technology.      
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