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Guildford High Street

Guildford High Street


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A 250 piece wooden puzzle of Guildford High Street.  The painting is originally an 'oilette' postcard from Raphael Tuck & Sons with the following inscription on the back of the card:

"Guildford. The Guildhall.  The picturesque front, with its overhanging balcony and huge projecting clock of 17th century Town Hall."

The whimsical puzzle pieces depict Guildford past and present, including statues of George Abbot and the Running Scholar, the Castle Keep & Cathedral, and not to forget a few refences to Lewis Carol's Alice in Wonderland.

It is ideal for those who know and love Guildford and want to have a heirloom wooden jigsaw puzzle.

  • Size:  250 pieces
  • Dimensions:  360mm x 250mm

Pieces: 250 pieces

Dimensions: 360 mm X 250 mm

Cut Style: Traditional

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