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Ocean Life

Ocean Life


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This puzzly is from a Lithograph of Ocean Life by James M. Sommerville, a physician, amateur naturalist, member of the Academy of Natural Sciences, as well as an artist and a trustee of the Pennsylvania Academy.

It is a must for puzzle enthusiasts who like a challenge and want to have a whale of a time completing this puzzle!

From puffer fish, sharks and scuba divers, the puzzle is full of themed whimsical pieces.  Look out for our multi-piece whimsical pieces including a shark, a mermaid and the largest ocean going animal!

It is ideal for puzzle enthusiasts who enjoy a larger puzzle with lots of detail in both the artwork and the whimsical pieces.

  • Size:  136 pieces
  • Dimensions:  350mm x 175mm
  • Size:  277 pieces
  • Dimensions:  350mm x 250mm
  • Size:  638 pieces
  • Dimensions:  580mm x 380mm


Cut Style: House Style

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