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Flowers in an alabaster vase

Flowers in an alabaster vase


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“Flower Still-life with an Alabaster Vase” by Gerard van Spaendonck painted in 1783 is our inspiration for this colourful wooden puzzle.

Gerard van Spaendonck from Tilburg made his career in Paris, where he rose to become the botanical painter of the king of France, a highly distinguished position.  His flower still life paintings were considered as the best in his time.

Exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1783, this painting was praised for the true-to-life flowers, insects, and objects. The window of the artist’s studio is reflected in the alabaster vase.

The original painting is hanging in Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum

The painting has been brought to life by the puzzly with the inclusion of character pieces including flowers, insects and other quaint objects.   A great fine art wooden puzzle for the puzzler who likes details.

Pieces: 500 pieces

Dimensions: 520 mm X 360 mm

Cut Style: Traditional

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