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Land Rover Defender - Camel Trophy Edition

Land Rover Defender - Camel Trophy Edition


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The Land Rover Defender, Camel Trophy Edition wooden jigsaw puzzle features an original Puzzly painting of the iconic Camel Trophy Land Rover Defender.  This puzzle combines irregular jigsaw shaped pieces with Land Rover themed whimsical pieces.

It contains wonderfully cut irregular and whimsical wooden jigsaw pieces.  It is a must for Land Rover enthusiasts, ‘petrol heads’ and those who love the outdoors!

From car parts, garage tools and, of course,  Land Rover Defenders, the puzzle is full of themed whimsical pieces.  Look out for our multi-piece whimsical pieces including a compass and a Land Rover Defender!

It is ideal for Land Rover enthusiasts and anyone who loves a good puzzle.

Cut Style: Irregular

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