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Mortlake Terrace – Summer sunset

Mortlake Terrace – Summer sunset


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This puzzly is one of the two Mortlake Terrace paintings that JMW Turner painted in 1827. This one is of the summer sunset showing the River Thames. It is on display at the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

It contains 500 quality wooden jigsaw pieces including Victorian style whimsical shapes.

We would classify this puzzly as a more difficult one due to the colour pallet  the artist used, however each piece fits perfectly into the next so you know when you have the right piece!

The painting has been brought to life by the puzzly with the inclusion of character pieces including people of the time, animals and objects found in London and and other quaint objects.   A great fine art wooden puzzle for the puzzler who likes details.

  • Size:  500 pieces
  • Dimensions:  520mm x 360mm

Pieces: 500 pieces

Dimensions: 520 mm X 360 mm

Cut Style: Traditional

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