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The Mosaics tessellation puzzle is made from a wonderful painting by artyTessart, a London based artist who specialises in strong colourful paintings.  We have cut this puzzly using a tessellation cut to increase the difficulty and the enjoyment of seeing the vibrant colours and shapes of the image. The puzzle piece count is 227 pieces but don’t think that it will be an easy puzzle to complete!

It is ideal for those who love a puzzle with a repeating pattern and those who appreciate great contemporary British art.

About the artist


She is an award winning international selling artist based in London.  She has strong connections with Africa and this influences her choice of colour, design and technique.
She uses a wide range of media including pastels, acrylics and inks.  Her Giclée prints and greetings cards are very popular and she has retail outlets in the UK, USA and Kenya.

Please visit her website at

Pieces: 227 pieces

Dimensions: 360 mm X 250 mm

Cut Style: Tessellation

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